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General information

For a period of more than 30 years Weigel Hochdrucktechnik has been developing specialized and innovative ultra high water pressure methods for treating, cleaning and de-coating traffic zones.

Our TrackJet® system, used for rubber and paint marker removal on airport runways and other surfaces, is considered as standard at international airports worldwide.

Our BudJet system is aimed at the same field of application, but for smaller passenger airports with a limited budget.

The innovative PeelJet® system is based upon the 30 years of experience within the company and especially the TrackJet® system, which is a leading technology at major international airports. The Weigel company also has years of experience of road retexturing and road paint removal with the TrackJet® technology. The PeelJet® system has been developed to comply with the specific needs of the road maintenance area.

JetPeeling cannot be compared to common water jetting methods!

The outstanding JetPeeling advantages compared to the present customary ones on the market are among others:

  • long-term cost-effectiveness
  • working speed
  • preserved pavement substance
  • removal of all kinds of marking materials
  • from all surface types
  • low operating costs
  • three-year guarantee

The PeelJet® units are developed and produced in Germany, and therefore readily available within the European market, using top quality elements and components.
For road maintenance with PeelJet® systems, our experienced service technicians are available at short notice at sites all over Europe.

Removal of road marking materials


JetPeeling removes all types of road marking material (paint, spray plastic, thermo plastic, cold plastic, tape and epoxy materials) from every sort of surface. Even if the surface is softer than the marking, JetPeeling will not damage the pavement.

Surface treatment



Our 2.20 m working width gives superior efficiency for surface treatment, such as cleaning and / or improving skid properties for pavements.

Typical areas for road maintenance services are:

  • all types of roads (concrete and/or asphalt)
  • car parks
  • pedestrian areas
  • tunnels
  • all areas of airports, and
  • (motor) sport areas

JetPeeling removes all types of residues, such as rubber, fat, oil and paint (including graffiti).

Noise reduction measures and vacuum recovery system provide an environmentally friendly system, with high efficiency.
Surface will be undamaged, clean and almost dry, which ensures that new markings can be applied within 20 to 30 minutes.