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Our services –Road marking removal

Report 4150-2, Texas Department of Transportation, states (table 20):

“Full removal of existing markings is required if markings are de-bonding from the pavement, if the restripe and existing materials are not compatible, or if the marking profile is too thick.”

Reasons for paint removal:

  • elimination of cracked old marking
  • the new material is not compatible with the old material (chemical deviations)
  • total surface cleaning to get optimal adhesion for new product (old marking blocks penetration to surface)
  • elimination of color deviations in the new material, due to “bleeding” surface; from old colored paint; or from bitumen
Removal of old multilayer markings

Apart from selling the PeelJet® machines, Weigel Hochdrucktechnik provides services to help contractors and/or road administrations in road marking removal. If there is no PeelJet® contractor/partner in your immediate area, we will support your road maintenance activities with our superior technique and our technical experts.

JetPeeling removes every type of road marking material from all types of surfaces. If the surface is softer than the marking, we have methods to prevent damage to the pavement.

Typical areas for pavement marking removal are:

  • all types of roads
  • car parks
  • pedestrian areas
  • all areas of airports, and
  • (motor) sport areas

Please contact us for our very competitive offers.

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