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PeelJet® Module for Unimog U 400 / U 500

Technical Data

System description

The PeelJet® Unimog Module is designed as accessory equipment for Unimog carrier vehicles for removing paint markings.

Unimog U500 and U400 are suitable as Unimog carrier vehicles.

The PeelJet® module is powered by the Unimog engine from the auxiliary drive N05 via the Cardan shaft. There are no modifications necessary at the carrier vehicle. The universal usability of the Unimog remains the same.

The PeelJet®-method works with a very specifically modified ultra high water pressure method, which has been used in a little modified way already for more than 12 years on runways of international major airports for gentle removal of rubber layers. The PeelJet® device is provided with water jet nozzle inserts and is attached on the front of a Unimog U 400 or U 500 by a standard Unimog mounting plate and controls the working head movement and positioning.

The PeelJet® Unimog Module is installed by means of ball holders of the high Unimog platform frame.

It contains all further functional modules as


  • ultra-high pressure pump system
  • fresh water supply
  • hydraulic and electrical control
  • drive unit
  • compact VacuFlex direct suction system


The system can be completely installed within 30 min. by 2 operators and is immediately operational.

Advantages of the PeelJet® method

  • PeelJet® removes all kinds and types of marking materials in an economical way and with the lowest possible interruption of the moving traffic
  • JetPeeling with the PeelJet® methode offers the highest possible preservation of the surface substance
  • Surfaces cleaned with the PeelJet® methode are optimally prepared for following new markings
  • Remaining phantom lines after JetPeeling get invisible in the shortest time under moving traffic
  • With the JetPeeling method, even markings which are harder than their subsurface, can be removed in a surface preserving way


Typical areas for marking removal

  • all kinds of roads (concrete and/or asphalt)
  • parking lots
  • pedestrian zone
  • tunnels
  • airports
  • race tracks
  • etc


General technical data


working width 120-320 mm
max. cleaning capacity (depending on surface and contamination) ~ 800 m2/h
min. ambient temperature + 2 °C
max. working pressure 2.500 bar /36.000 psi
max. water consumption 24 l/min
Fuel consumption ~ 48 l/h
Length with mounted PeelJet® head ~ 6600 mm
width ~ 2300 mm
height ~ 2900 mm
weight empty ~ 10,5 t
weight in operation ~ 15,5 t
min. distance to sideward obstacles ~ 35 mm
water supply 4000 l
max. operation period without interruption 2,5h


pju komponentenComponent overview

  1. PeelJet® nozzle module
  2. PeelJet® nozzle carrier arm
  3. Slide unit
  4. SetTop Module with fresh water tanks
  5. solid tank

PeelJet® range of application

  • Removal of unnecessary paint markings (as well as adhesive tape markings) of all types from asphalt and concrete pavements without any damage to substance
  • Oil spillage removal
  • Surface pre-treatment of new traffic areas before new markings are applied

Example cleaning result