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Technical Information

System description

The PeelJet® nozzle traversing module is installed on the truck's front plate and controls the high pressure nozzle head movement.

The PeelJet® power pack is installed on the loading platform of the truck in a sound insulated container, which incorporates all of the other PeelJet® components.
Water supply and waste water management is effected by VacuFlex direct suction trailer, towed by the carrier truck.

General technical data

Max. theor. working width approx. 2.200 mm
Max. removal rate of contamination (depending on surface and contamination) ~ 800 m2/h
Min. ambient temperature + 2 °C
Max. working pressure 2.500 bar
36.000 psi
Max. water consumption 29 l/min
~ 1,8 m3/h
Specific water consumption 2,3 - 3,5 l/m2
Fuel consumption  ~ 48 l/h
Specific fuel consumption 5 - 8 l/100 m2


PeelJet® application

  • increase of friction level on asphalt, concrete, AntiSkid®, grooved or ungrooved, without damaging surface layer
  • removal of redundant paint markings from asphalt, concrete, AntiSkid® surfaces, without damaging surface layer
  • cleaning of under-floor lights without damaging the seals
  • oil spill removal
  • clearing of joints on concrete surfaces (optional equipment required)